Prof. dr hab. inż. Ziemowit Suligowski

Gdansk University of Technology

A Gdansk Technical University graduate (1971), a PhD in sciences at Gdansk Technical University (1977), doctor habilitatus in technical sciences at Wroclaw University of Technology (1992) and a professor of technical sciences (2007). He is an assessor for Polish Association of Sanitary Engineers and Technicians and Association of Water and Land Reclamation Engineers and Technicians. He has a design licence and construction supervision licence and is also a member of Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers. He is the author of many academic study books, articles and conference speeches. He is a member of Program Committee for „Wiadomości Projektanta Budownictwa” (a part of Polish Chamber of Civil Engineers) and Science Committee of „Wodociągi – Kanalizacja” monthly magazine, Program Commitee of „Technologia Wody” monthly magazine and „Ochrona Środowiska” periodical (currently Water and Sewage section). He is also a commissioning editor for „Inżynieria Morska i Geotechnika” magazine, a scientific editor at serial publication „Warunki Techniczne Wykonania i Odbioru Sieci i Instalacji Wod. – Kan.” (Verlag Dashofer)



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